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Reliable Wholesale Eyelash Vendor Help Your Business Grow

As one of the top eyelash vendors in China, Arison has been in the wholesale eyelashes business for 10 years. We have comprehensive eyelashes product line to provide high-quality eyelash extensions and strip lashes for a better price. We have served nearly 3000 successful eyelash businesses in the USA, Europe, and the Middle East.

We care about your business right from the very beginning to the end of every lash that’s shipped out. On top of that, we make sure your order and shipping run smoothly; ensuring every step is taken with care. As always you can rest easier knowing we’re a dedicated eyelash supplier, helping make your business grow.

As a major eyelash supplier in China, you can rely on us as your one-stop eyelash wholesale vendor

When it comes to eyelash extensions and strip lashes you will find that we offer an extensive and impressive list. The newest technology and leading innovations for lash products offered here provide you with plenty of choices left-over. We’re confident that our products not only cover a lot of ground but that you have more options to choose from. This is also a great way to offer your clients and customers outstanding selection inside any budget likewise.

Eyelash extensions wholesale: Every type of eyelash extension you can imagine using is offered within 8 eyelash sections. We offer the premier Mink Lashes, Silk lashes, Easy Fan Lash, Flat Lash, Camellia Lash, Premade Lash, Color Lash, and Laser Lash. These lashes come in mass strips that cover your natural eyelashes and are secured with adhesive. An absolute must if you’re buying false eyelash wholesale items and have many clients that are repeat customers.

Silk Lash

Mink Lash

Easy Fan Lash

Flat Lash

Camellia Lash

Premade Lash

Color Lash

Laser Lash

Strip eyelashes wholesale: Each section offers exciting options to create incredible lash effects that are long-lasting and utterly realistic. These brands are sold in individual packs as a pair and are perfect for special occasions and everyday wear. We offer 3D Mink Eyelashes, 3D Faux Mink Lashes, 5D 25mm Mink Lashes, Luxury Lashes, and Regular Eyelashes. There are also the increasingly popular Magnetic Eyelashes for those who are allergic or sensitive to adhesives. Each one of these exciting brands offers you various thicknesses and patterns to make your eyes pop!

Regular Mink Eyelash

3D Mink Eyelash

3D Silk Eyelash

Human Hair Eyelash

3D Horsehair Eyelash

Magnetic Eyelash

Why choose us as your wholesale eyelash vendor

  • Our experienced sales team is ready to help: Our experienced sales fully understand eyelashes and the ever-increasing false eyelash market. We take the time to understand your needs and requests, further helping you stick to on-point deadlines every single time. What kinds of services can you always count on from all of us at Arison Lashes?
  • Our Professional Design Team offers you custom service: We’re dedicated to developing and marketing eyelash extensions and strip lashes products that you’ll love! No product would be complete without our attention to detail. We keep up with the demand for practicality and easy-to-use products. Make no mistake that we’re the eyelash professionals that serve your beauty needs first. Every lash has been quality tested for safety and stands by all the products that we offer to you.
  • Our Dynamic Wholesale System: From the very moment you place an order with us, we carefully track and expedite the exact items to be shipped on time. There’s a careful balance that must be met when certain supplies are not in stock at the time of your order. Some items will be shipped according to the moment they confirmed through our tracking system. Other items may be placed on back-order if they are not currently in stock. As soon as they’re replenished in our ordering system, these items are automatically tagged and set for shipping directly to you.
  • Our Expert QA & QC Department guarantees only quality products shipped to you: The staff within our QA department is responsible for every order meeting all the fine details and quality of your eyelash product. This includes tangible factory products that are well-within manufacturing dates. No product is ever shipped past expiration dates for this reason. This includes items such as lash adhesives and custom eyelash packaging. You’ll be pleased to know that our QC department always follows-up in contact with you to make sure you’re satisfied. This also allows us to hear your concerns or product request that further fit your needs.
  • Our Dependable Shipping Department: We choose the most reliable UPS, DHL, FedEx to ship your order. If you’ve ever received packages from other lash companies arriving damaged or were missing products, you know how frustrating that is. We understand eyelash products and how delivery companies toss boxes around. Every lash item is carefully packed to keep the contents from breaking or leaking. We stand by our shipping department standards with 100% assured quality.

We offer comprehensive wholesale services to help your business

We also offer a very unique and complete service for emerging eyelash companies that want to offer their customers a premier product line. If you have decided to launch a new product line that is either OEM or ODM, we can assist you. We wholesale eyelashes that can be rebranded to become your label product. It saves you time and energy with very little set-up required while your newer customized eyelash emerges. Here are the wholesale services we can offer for you.

  • Private label services. Add your label designs to existing products through OEM and ODM agreements. Allow us to take the hard work off your hands and create custom private label designs for you. Give your company instant credibility that is backed with quality product behind it. This is a bold move for any growing entrepreneur in the beauty industry. You can immediately start selling your product line online or through trade show expositions. Either way, with this customized rebranding service, we can help your business grow.
  • Custom Eyelash Packaging. Imagine your company name professionally printed on top-quality eyelash products. Your customers will immediately assume you’ve spent hundreds of thousands on printing, packaging, and product development. Now imagine that you don’t have to spend nearly as much as you might think it costs. We help set you up to have your product line become a reality as a supplier. It’s not just slapping on a new sticker, its custom-printed labeling that is created especially for your eyelash business.
  • Graphic services: logo design and banner design. It all starts with a logo that helps your customers know your product is original. Perhaps you have an idea of a logo or sketches you’ve never finished. We can help create a final logo that defines your product line. This logo can then be used on all your products and advertisement material. Now you can finally put your private label eyelashes on display for customers at trade shows and participating businesses. Let everyone know who you are and how your product line is open for business.
  • Photographic services. Photographic services can be very expensive! Do you have the right pictures that are ready to show what your product looks like? Whether you intend to market through a website or print up brochures for exhibit events, you’ll need product photos. We are not an eyelash vendor that only supply products to you, we also handle the task of taking professional photos of all your ordered eyelashes that can be used for marketing. All of the difficulties of lighting and backgrounds can be created by our expert photographer team. High-quality digital files can be produced so you’ll waste no time with marketing your private label product shots.

Why we are your most reliable eyelash wholesale vendor?

While there’s a chance you’ve never heard our company before, you may not have realized you’ve used Arison products. We are a company with 10 years of wholesale eyelashes business. As we’re a global distributor that serves countries all over the world, 70% of repeat sales are from the US! We are also proud that we continue to serve over 3000 clients and companies who order from us. As a result, we have refined our ordering system and distribution warehouses to meet growing demands.

We always use upgrade materials: We choose Koren PBT fiber and Siberian real mink fur as the major source of our lashes. These materials are chosen because of their ability to achieve a light, fluffy, soft natural look.

We build our independent ready-to-ship wholesale eyelashes Wearhouse and half-finished eyelash products warehouse for custom order to grante fast delivery.

We’re proud to say Arison Lashes is your go-to source with an outstanding reputation for service, eyelashes products, and customer satisfaction! We stand by our word with quality that is evident. Using the latest tracking software in our offices and distribution warehouses right through our vendor companies who supply our products! We strive further to establish a solid and effective order and delivery process for your products. Each order is completed at our packing and shipping facilities for every custom order that’s placed.

Not only do we know our products with expertise, but they are also chosen specifically to have the highest quality standards available. From specially sealed product packaging to bio-friendly materials, product safety and awareness is always our top concern. After all, these products are intended to be used over your eyelashes. We ensure that every product is 100% safe to use provided you are using the products professionally with safety exercised. At any given moment we will provide certificates and safety information to you.

Product safety disclaimer: It’s also fair to mention that we sell all of our products in good faith. The beauty industry has many standards for health and safety that differ from country to country. Your clients will have a higher respect for you by providing any available safety information. It is a continued service that protects you and your clients from product misuse as well. In terms of customer satisfaction, following these simple guidelines is important to your reputation concerning product safety.

How to start you wholesale eyelashes business with Arison

It’s so easy to cooperate with us:

  1. Kindly send us purchasing information and you’ll get a Quotation within 12 hours;
  2. After confirming the quotation, sign the contract and pay for the goods;
  3. We will arrange the production immediately as soon as receiving the payment.

Tips: the goods would be packed carefully and sent by DHL, UPS, or FedEx. We would also inform you of the tracking number


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